Our Custom Containers segment manufactures and sells highly engineered packaging solutions that provide custom designed attributes through the use of unique polymer-based materials for the personal care, health care, food and beverage, household and industrial, and pharmaceutical end markets.

For 2023, our custom container business had net sales of $626 million, representing a compounded annual growth rate of approximately 5.6 percent since our founding in 1987. Our custom container business is one of the leading manufacturers of custom designed rigid plastic containers for shelf-stable food and personal care products in North America. Some examples of our custom container applications include containers for: shampoos and conditioners, hand creams, lotions, liquid soap, respiratory and gastrointestinal products, cosmetics and toiletries, pet food, peanut butter, salad dressings, condiments, lawn and garden products, cleaners, and pharmaceutical products such as tablets and antacids.

Custom containers
Custom Containers

Our Custom Containers business has a long history of innovation and evolution and has been a technology leader in rigid polymer packaging, especially when it comes to the use of post-consumer-recycled (PCR) and bio resins. Our teams help our customers to reduce the amount of materials in our packaging products, drive recyclability, utilize more recycled content and promote responsible practices like recycling. In support of these activities, we have partnered with organizations like The Recycling Partnership, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition, The Association of Plastic Recyclers, the Packaging Consortium, and many more. We have also joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundations' New Plastics Economy, to support our belief that the future of resin-based packaging includes more resin-based sustainable packaging optionality, higher consumer recycling rates and less total plastic waste in our communities.

Segment Highlights

$626M 2023 Revenue
$63M 2023 Adjusted EBIT*
22 # of Plants
2,200 # of Employees

*Adjusted EBIT is a non-GAAP financial metric. For a reconciliation of Earnings Before Interest and Income Taxes to Adjusted EBIT, please click here.

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